Too small to start?

Write the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5 in two different pieces of paper with different orders. Ask your child to match the same number in both pieces of paper. If he can answer correctly he is ready to start with Action Piano. 3 minutes a day. He can even skip a few days of the week. Think about it. He is three or four years old and he will get used to listen to the same sounds over and over, each note, all perfectly tuned with your digital piano or keyboard. Practicing perfect pitch is practiced in every session of practice.

Use our activities as an ear training program

Try Action Piano as a solfegio aid. Sing the notes with the corresponding name (alphabet or solgefio) when they appear. You may play them with the piano after the note has been sung. Listening, singing, playing, listening, singing, playing Use the activities as dictations. Let the note appear and ask your student to guess the name. Make groups, let them compete.

Learn together

Learn with our activities for adults at the same time as your child. In our Music School in Madrid many parents are amazed when they realize their children are faster learners than them. The computer is the bad guy, you don't need to correct your child. Let the computer do the job so that you two can be in the same team. It is one of the wonders of music education technology.
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concentracion al piano

Too small to concentrate?

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If 3 minutes of practicing seem like an eternity to your child you may try a few tricks. Get some finger puppets. As the notes appear in your monitor, play them yourself with the puppets. Separate the puppets that "know how to play the notes" from the ones that "seem to be a little slow learning the notes". Ask your child to teach the slow puppets how to play so that they can move to the group of the fast ones.
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The fridge is one of the most pedagogical tools ever invented

The ideal place for prizes and practicing worksheets!. Click the image to Download our pdf and ask to child to write a symbol everyday he practices.